About Us

Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates is based in Melbourne’s Yarra Valley, and has been a premium Australian producer since 1995, passionately making Chocolate that tastes like Chocolate.

To contact Kennedy & Wilson, please email info@kennedyandwilson.com.au or phone (03) 5964 9388

The idea behind Kennedy & Wilson Chocolates has its beginning in the town of Beaune in Burgundy in 1993.

Peter Wilson was travelling with the proprietor of the renowned Yarra Valley winery Yarra Yering.

We had travelled through England, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal and finally ended up in France to see first-hand the excellent wines of Burgundy. After weeks of tasting wine and eating beautiful, rich food, I suddenly developed a huge craving for chocolate. I went to a corner shop and bought some Valrhona chocolate. The amazing thing about this stunning chocolate was that here was the first chocolate that I had ever tasted that had as much thought and care put into its production as we did with the wines at Yarra Yering. It was obvious from its palate that this was chocolate of supreme quality.

Peter returned to Australia with plans to produce the best quality chocolate possible in Australia. He and partner Juliana Kennedy began the exhaustive search for the type of equipment necessary to make small batches of top quality chocolate. Even more difficult was the search for the highest quality ingredients: cocoa from South and Central America, Asia, New Guinea, the Carribean and Africa; milk and cream from New Zealand; vanilla from Vanuatu and Madagascar.

It took many years, and a good deal of trial and error to reach what the Kennedy and Wilson team considered to be the best blends for their chocolates.

We wanted to produce chocolate that tasted of chocolate, not just of sugar. So much chocolate is over-sweet. We took the alternative route, and produced chocolate that is high in cocoa mass, cocoa butter and cream.